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Rosemont Group is a holding company that deals in the luxury consumer goods market. Nigerian born Frederick Achom established the group in 2003 and today it represents an increasing number of items and services geared to a discerning and demanding market. Still well within its first decade of business, the Rosemont Group has already reached an estimated value of some $30 million. The company, based in the British Virgin Islands, focuses its business transactions in the areas of elegant restaurants, global consulting services for property investment, western Africa's recruitment centers and telecom sales, providing sales and marketing services, clubs open to members only, exclusive property and land development projects in the United Kingdom and a unique line of kitchens that are produced in Italy.

Luxury Brands and Properties

One of the newest acquisitions of Rosemont Group is its deal with Property Clinic Group. In a recent purchase of shares in that UK firm, Rosemont Company now owns 38% of that UK property and land establishment business.

Rosemont Group recently branched out in a new direction, resulting in a diversification of its product lines as the company invested in a large Australian winery. With the addition of the winery and the new ideas of Frederick Achom for revamping a popular British eatery, the company's holdings are increasing its shares in the food and beverage market. The Rosemont Company directors are also in final negotiations to acquire a 50% stake in the British restaurant chain, Bennets.

Another idea that will soon be launched in the Rosemont Company's food and beverage sector is a new idea for a restaurant. Frederick Achom's idea for a new style of eating establishment has gained the support of many big name celebrities. The opening of the first of the line will take place in Los Angeles in the beginning of 2011.

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